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Welcome To Solace with Sara

Mind + Body + Nutrition

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Meet Sara

Sara is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She combines the power of healing mind and body alongside nutrition education to help clients achieve optimal health and find solace in their day to day lives.

Meeting clients where they are in their own unique health journey, Sara tailors health programs to an individual’s specific needs. She believes that in providing the right knowledge, tools and support, clients will feel empowered to achieve their goals and heal their bodies naturally.​

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"I have been following Sara's Gut Protocol and dietary recommendations for almost a month now and most of my GI symptoms disappeared within a week. 3 weeks into the protocol my period finally came, after 8 months of missed cycles! I no longer have migraines, I sleep better, my bowel movements have become regular, I have so much more energy, and even people around me have commented on how I seem to give off much more positive vibes lately.

Working with Sara has definitely been like a miracle."

-Karla L.

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