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Meet Sara

Sara is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She combines the power of healing mind and body alongside nutrition education to help clients achieve optimal health and find solace in their day to day lives.

Meeting clients where they are in their own unique health journey, Sara tailors health programs to an individual’s specific needs. She believes that in providing the right knowledge, tools and support, clients will feel empowered to achieve their goals and heal their bodies naturally.

Sara conducts her private practice out of Inspirit Health Group in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and offers virtual consultations.

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"I have been struggling for quite some time finding the right supplements and vitamins to meet my specific needs. Upon reaching out to Sara to schedule an appointment, she promptly responded to me and asked me valuable questions to aid in our initial session. I have visited over a dozen naturopaths and nutritionists, and I can confidently say that none of them tailored the session to meet my needs quite like Sara. From the onset, I was amazed at her knowledge, wisdom, patience and compassion. Sara communicates with attention to detail and is flexible in her approach; qualities which lend themselves to her success. I truly appreciate Sara's services."