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Testimonials: Testimonials

About a year ago I started developing a series of symptoms, at first they were somewhat mild (headaches, night sweats, anxiety, sleeping problems, changes in digestion, etc.), and as time went by, my symptoms got worse (migraines that lasted days, severe GI issues, heart palpitations, anaphylaxis, allergic reactions to food, weight loss, missed periods, face swelling, panic attacks, etc.) I have had so many tests done during the past year (MRI, ECG, Holter test, X-Ray, ultrasounds, extensive blood work, you name it) and everything came back normal. Besides prescribing iron and Vitamin D supplements, my doctors were not able to help or explain any of my ailments and ran out of tests to perform since everything seemed "normal". Yet my symptoms were worsening and I was miserable and clearly deteriorating (physically and mentally). I was desperate, hopeless and frustrated with conventional medicine so I decided to take the alternative path and make an appointment with Sara.

During our first appointment Sara took me through each of my symptoms and helped me put everything (symptoms, lifestyle, background, environmental factors, etc.) into a holistic perspective and it was mind blowing! I was so impressed by how knowledgeable and perspicacious she is, and relieved to finally having answers.

I have been following her Gut Protocol and dietary recommendations for almost a month now and most of my GI symptoms disappeared within a week. 3 weeks into the protocol my period finally came, after 8 months of missed cycles! I no longer have migraines, I sleep better, my bowel movements have become regular, I have so much more energy, and even people around me have commented on how I seem to give off much more positive vibes lately.

Working with Sara has definitely been like a miracle. I thought I was going crazy and all my symptoms were just my imagination, until I talked with her. Although I have a long way to go in my healing journey, I am confident I will be able to regain my health with her guidance.


I have been struggling for quite some time finding the right supplements and vitamins to meet my specific needs. Upon reaching out to Sara to schedule an appointment, she promptly responded to me and asked me valuable questions to aid in our initial session. I have visited over a dozen naturopaths and nutritionists, and I can confidently say that none of them tailored the session to meet my needs quite like Sara. From the onset, I was amazed at her knowledge, wisdom, patience and compassion. Sara communicates with attention to detail and is flexible in her approach; qualities which lend themselves to her success. I truly appreciate Sara's services.


Sara has changed my life! Since applying her SIBO suggestions I have not taken 1 pill for my stomach, I have lost 3lbs and all the bloating and gas has subsided! All these results in just a week! I also feel fantastic! I owe all this to Sara and I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sara's protocol has had such a profound positive impact on my health! Three years ago I got an infection after I got my wisdom teeth out and was put on 3 different antibiotics at the same time for weeks. After the infection, my gut never returned to normal, and I've been living with IBS-D (chronic loose stools / diarrhea) as well as food sensitivities, bloating, extreme brain fog, indigestion, no energy, depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Before discovering Sara, I went to a functional medicine doctor who I paid a lot more for a lot less. They only diagnosed me as low b-12, vitamin d, and gave me a GI map test (which showed I had gut dysbiosis and pathogenic overgrowths, but just recommended a probiotic). Things eventually got worse with my gut health, so I started doing my own research and found Sara!

I'm currently 4 weeks into Sara's gut protocol and 2 weeks into our antimicrobial treatments out of 8 weeks. The difference I've noticed has been life-changing in this short amount of time!

Here are some of the things I've noticed:
- Solid stool consistently for the first time in months
- Energy went from a 3 to an 8
- I'm working full days again
- Energy for skincare / hygiene routines
- Energy early morning
- Losing less hair
- Been able to gain weight (I've been trying and couldn't)
- Regular hunger cues
- Burp less / less gas
- Can eat trigger foods with less symptoms / hardly any
- Can travel without fear of stomach issues
- Feel more capable, confident, and independent
- Less anxiety and panic overall
- Calmer, more patience

She has been so thorough with my blood work, history, symptoms, and everything I'm going through and designed a protocol for my individual needs. She designed my protocol to heal the root cause of my IBS-D and gut dysbiosis, not just the symtpoms. I've never felt more seen and supported by a practitioner with actual tangible results! Sara addresses health from the perfect balance of science, lifestyle, nutrition, mental, and spirit. I couldn't be more thankful. Don't waste your time, money, or energy with anyone else, Sara is the BEST and will take incredible care of you!!


I absolutely adore Sara. I came to her with a multitude of symptoms, GI issues, unexplained weight gain, body aches, anxiety etc. Sara took the time to go through my medical history & blood work with a fine tooth comb, assess me as an individual without bias or marginalization like modern medicine has, and treated me like a human being. Its been around 2 months now since I’ve taken Sara’s recommendations, and I feel like a new person. Not only have I found answers to my issues, the solutions Sara provided worked for me too.

Sara does a great job of explaining everything that's going on, why its happening, and how to solve it, leaving me with full awareness and understanding of my body and its needs. I highly recommend everyone go here, holistic nutrition saved my life.


I've been working with Sara for just under 6 months and it has been life changing. While I have been leading a healthy-ish lifestyle the past few years. I was hitting road blocks and nothing seemed to change no matter what I did - paleo, whole 30, no carbs, etc... and from the first initial (FREE!) call she does, I immediately felt seen and that she could help me. We booked the labs and did a follow up call a few weeks later and I started my custom protocol and saw my life started to change rapidly. She made me understand the issues I was facing wasn't a lack of willpower but an actual off balance in my body that needed to be worked through.

During our time I have lost almost 18 inches between my waist, hips and abdomen and about 8 lbs. I really can't sing her praises enough and I tell everyone about her because she has been truly a life saving and changing force for me. On top of her incredible wealth of knowledge - she is on the of the kindest and compassionate humans I have ever met in the healthcare industry. Lastly, Sara is incredibly communicative and incredibly helpful outside of our booked sessions. I think it is worth mentioning that while Sara is phenomenal -- there is a diligence required to experience the changes (i.e. following her protocols and plans and creating time and space in your life to make this important! She will absolutely help you create a plan you can stick to if you are in a place in your life to put the energy and time into it). Thank You, Sara for everything you do and I truly hope you know how grateful I am for our paths crossing!

P.S. I found her while on a work assignment in Canada but I am a resident of the States so location should not be a deterrent!


Absolutely recommend Sara. Such a pleasure to work with and discuss your health and gut goals with. She really helped me bounce back from feeling sluggish, having bad sleeps and overall just improve my gut health (which is tied to so much of our overall health!) If you've been thinking about speaking with someone about your gut health, look no further! Thank you Sara for everything!


In just a month of work with Sara I've seen noticeable improvements in my ailments and have received nothing but manageable and affordable treatments from her. Having appointments with someone that actually cares and is willing to get to the bottom of the problem has been such a breath of fresh air after dealing with so many apathetic doctors. As a recent uni grad, having someone that offers sliding scale and caters the treatment to what I can spend is truly amazing too. If you want to see results & be treated with someone with compassion then Sara is the person for you!!


Sara was great at addressing all of my concerns! She was very attentive and asked the right type of questions to figure out my needs. She was able to provide a simple yet detailed plan for me to follow. I am really looking forward to our next session!


I am so thankful that I found Sara! I was a bit uncertain at first but within a week of beginning her recommendations there was a huge change. It has now been a month and this experience has been life changing. I only wish I had done this earlier in life.


Sara has been an incredible resource to my health. She is extremely knowledgeable and educates you well. Understands the complexities of symptoms and what interventions would work best. Working with her over the last 3 months has greatly improved my health!


Working with Sara on my nutrition has been so rewarding for my health. In just the first few sessions I noticed so much improvement in my digestion and energy levels. She was able to guide me throughout my health journey. I highly recommend Sara to all my friends and family. She is also very accommodating to your schedule, and financial concerns. Sara genuinely wants to help and look into the deep cause of the symptom. I highly recommend her.


I have been enjoying and looking forward to my sessions with Sara because she is great at listening to my concerns, addressing them and accommodating regarding my schedule, financial concerns as well as values + beliefs (especially about diet and lifestyle). I never felt judged! I have seen great improvements since I started working with Sara and appreciate the time, effort, resources, and advice she has given me.


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