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Meet Sara

Sara’s passion for health and well-being started during her studies in psychology at Simon Fraser University, where she was initially studying to become a counsellor. She graduated in 2015, but soon after found that she was experiencing a host of unusual symptoms like acne, hair loss and sudden digestive issues that left her feeling lost, anxious and exhausted. She paused her decision to continue on to grad school and began researching about functional and holistic medicine, motivated to heal herself naturally as the conventional medicine system was coming up short with answers for her.

This catapulted her into the world of functional medicine and ultimately altered her path. Motivated by a desire to help others on a similar healing journey that she was experiencing firsthand, Sara discovered the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and applied immediately.

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While completing the program at IHN, Sara's symptoms intensified. What used to be minor, sporadic symptoms of acne flare-ups, hair shedding and digestive troubles turned into an almost daily struggle.

Sara threw herself into the program material, hoping to discover the "fix" to her symptoms. While the program was extremely informative, it was also very demanding, with much of the teachings triggering her anxieties around the state of her health. Perhaps unintentionally, many of the instructors taught black-or-white, good vs bad methods of thinking and viewing the world, which compounded Sara's anxieties around food, environment and health in general.

She graduated from IHN in 2020 with First Class Honors. Unfortunately, her symptoms, digestive issues and anxiety still remained. Soon after graduation, COVID lockdowns forced Sara to slow down and examine the real root causes driving the state of her physical and mental health. This led her to experimenting with a year of sobriety and daily meditation.

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Through her meditation practice, Sara was able to deconstruct aspects of herself that were holding her back from healing. One of these things was her tendency towards perfectionism, which was causing her to experience a high amount of stress and anxiety. The more she meditated, the clearer it became to her that she had been neglecting her emotional and spiritual health, having been so focused on the physical for the past several years.

In hindsight, it became clear to Sara that her anxiety had really just been a messenger, asking her to examine and feel into emotions she had suppressed for so long. She started to release the fears and beliefs she held around health and her inability to heal, replacing them with conviction in her body's ability to heal itself.

Sara also came to realize that she was holding on to the belief that she was unworthy of showing up in the health and wellness space unless her health was "perfect." In reality, she realized that showing the true nature of any healing journey, its ups and downs, was what would help her connect deeper to the very people she was looking to support.

Once Sara started to combine practical work with her newfound emotional and spiritual work, she finally started to experience gradual relief of her symptoms.

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Sara opened her practice, Solace with Sara, near the end of 2020. Initially practicing out of an integrative clinic in Downtown Vancouver, Sara now conducts her own practice fully online. Since then, she has helped hundreds of people find their way back to better health.

Through a blend of practical and spiritual work, Sara helps clients discover their hidden blocks to optimal health. She employs various methods including comprehensive blood work analysis, in-depth functional symptom assessment and focuses on the deficiencies and dysfunctional patterns that are holding her clients back from healing.

Sara believes that health and wellness looks different for everyone. There is no picture perfect image of health, nor is healing a linear journey. She teaches her clients that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, with the right guidance, just as she was able to overcome her own symptoms of acne, anxiety, digestive distress and chronic fatigue. Sara continues to explore science, spirituality and what health really looks like, so she can continue to be the educator she wishes she had at the start of her own healing journey.

Interested in working with Sara? Book a Complimentary Phone Call with Sara today!

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